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Hello, Jeremy here…

If you’re looking for an honest, frank and complete  treadmill reviews, treadmill rating, treadmill buying guides, treadmill discounts & coupons, as well as diet and exercise advice whether for cardio fitness, to get in shape, lose weight or to train for a marathon — then I’m glad you found my website, and I strongly suggest you keep reading.

Because this is my uncensored, no bs, treadmill buying story. The ups, the downs, which treadmills are crap and finally — which treadmills give you the best value for your money!!

Why treadmill reviews?

I was dating a girl that bought a treadmill from one of those sporting good chain retailer.  She didn’t research any treadmill reviews. She made the mistake of listening to one of the store salesmen — a person with absolutely no experience using or buying treadmills. Very soon after her purchase she was running on the treadmill and it fell apart on her.  She didn’t hurt herself, but needless to say the treadmill went in the garbage after that! If she had spoken to someone like me first, (I started dating her after her purchase) that would never had happened. So since her unfortunate experience, I figured I would help other people avoid the mistakes she made by offering honest treadmill reviews, treadmill ratings, and showcase the best treadmills to buy.

Why you can trust my treadmill reviews

At one point in time I was exactly like you. I was looking for a home treadmill, but quickly became frustrated and confused with all models that were available. I decided to learn everything I could about treadmills. I became so informed & educated on the subject of treadmill reviews, that I took a job as a purchasing manager for a major national health club chain. And because of my experience…

I helped lots of people like because of my treadmill reviews..

And I’m confident that my treadmill reviews can help you too! I don’t want you to have to go through what I went through, but instead help you cut through all the BS and select a treadmill that has performed well for thousand of friends, family and gym members nationwide.

Thanks again for stopping by.  You’ll know which treadmills are the best to buy by reading my treadmill reviews.


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