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Hello, Im Jeremy Rice….

I’ve been involved in the fitness industry for the past 25years. Believe it or not im 41 years old. Getting and staying on a good exercise program is the secret to my youth. Its not uncommon for me to be confused with my daughters brother. That’s right, Im 41 years old and her friends from school ask her if I’m her brother — not too bad, huh?

I don’t think its really about “working out” per se, but more importantly to live an active lifestyle. For me, as a child growing up, I didn’t care for organized athletics, though I was captain of my grammar school gym class, and I’ve received gold physical fitness medals each and every year throughout grammar school. I was more interested in doing activites that would be considered extreme; climbing, running, BMX riding, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding and break dancing. Obviously these are activites that require a decent amount of physical fitness.

As an adult I continued pursuing the sports that I loved. To this day, I spend several days a week engaging in these activites. And as a result I’ve been able to preserve my youth, fitness and live a resonable healthy lifestyle.

I’ve put this site online to help folks make better decisions and select equipment that would help them to achieve their goals. While I do receive a small compensation when users follow my links and make a sale, this does not sway my reviews, ratings and opinions in any way. You will notice that most reviews do not get my seal of approval and I clearly tell you that. For that reason you can trust that what I say is honest, complete and frank.

I hope you enjoy my website and find all the information you’re looking for.

Thanks again for stopping by,


Jeremy Rice

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