Best Treadmill Exercises For Rapid Weight Loss

Hello folks, Jermey here.

Id like to share with you some treadmill exercise tips that I posted to that I use that help me to reduce my time on the treadmill, while simultaneously burning more calories — and BONUS the time on the treadmill flies!! Seriously!!

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If you sometimes feel that you would rather poke your eyes out with a hot iron then do your treadmill exercices for weight loss — read on — you will love what I’m about to share….

How to lose weight — the bottom line!!

Losing weight is really a simple formula; you must be in a calorie deficit for weight loss to occur. That means you must burn more calories than you take in to shed unwanted fat. says — Sounds simple doesn’t it?

The problem is that most low impact treadmill exercises only burn about 500 calories per hour. And if you’re like me… 1 hour feels like a year.  And most folks either don’t have an hour to spare or if they do, 1 hour on the treadmill is bru-tal, and anything less typically doesn’t burn enough calories to effect a caloric deficit.  Which is why I invented the…..

Incline Interval Power Walking RoutineThe concept is simple; alternate between low impact walking and higher impact walking — on an incline. The end result — double the calories burned, workout time cut in half AND the time literally flies — a half hour passes in what feels like 10 mins because of….

 A Simple Psychological Trick


Let me explain how it works.

  1. start on the treadmill with a brisk walk (approx 3 mins)
  2. incline the treadmill to max (15% on the sole treadmill) — this will be difficult but very doable
  3. do a couple minutes brisk walk on max incline
  4. increase the speed and do 1 min (or more)
  5. go back to original speed (while still on incline)
  6. cycle this interval every x minutes (1 or 2 or 3 minutes — up to you.

The key is to make the max incline speed something that is very doable, but also very brutal. What this does is, when you are in your low speed interval, since you (and most folks) do not want to do the high speed portion — guess what happens? The high speed portion of the routine will come around alot faster. Now it might not seem revolutionary when reading it on a blog, but give it a try. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that a 30 min routine will go by rapid fast AND you will burn more calories than if you walked and even ran for a hour straight.

Heres an example of how I’m talking to myself while doing this routine….

minute 1-3 – low impact brisk walk, no incline “this is a walk in the park, soon its gonna get tough — damn 3 mins passed already!!

minute 3-5 – low impact brisk walk 15% incline ” this is tough, my heart rate is nice and high, I can deal with this. I am not looking forward to that brutal increase in speed — damn its already time to increase my speed!!!

minute 5-6 – higher speed walking on 15% incline ” whew- this is brutal. In a minute its over and I can rest (figuratively of course).
My legs are burn-ing! Thank god its over!!

minute 6-8 – back to low impact brisk walk on 15% incline ” ah much better. I can coast here. Damn! its almost time to pick up the speed. Damn 8 minutes done already!!!

minute 8-9 – back to higher speed walking on 15% incline ” wow what a workout. My legs are burning. Over already?”

minute 10-12 – back to brisk walking on 15% incline ” wow already burned about 150 calories AND the time is flying by. I love this. Wow — time to pick up the pace again??

and on and on….

The conversation in my head is literally that. I’m posting this to so that before you know it you are going fast, then slow and since you are not looking forward to the higher speed walk — for some reason it seems to come that much faster. It’s your brasin playing tricks on you. Isn’t that interesting??

The End result535  calories Burned In 30 MinutesWithout running — only walking!!!

If you dread your treadmill exercise routine and you’re looking to cut your workout in half AND double even triple the calories burned — then I urge you to do this routine!! I’ll bet you tell youself the exact say things I do when I doing this routine.

Thanks for reading this and to your health,


PS if you’re looking for a treadmill that is excellent for my Incline Interval Power Walking Routine.. then give the Sole Treadmill a try. Sole Treadmill has an excellent incline and interval feature thats perfect for this routine.

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