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Epic View 550 SD Trainer Treadmill 20″ x 60″ Treadbelt 3.25 CHP Motor iFit Workout Card Technologies

The EPIC View 550 is a high-performance treadmill with a sophisticated design. With a built-in TV you can catch up on your favorite shows even though you work out. And, with in-manage controls, you can conveniently change your speed and incline without leaving the handlebars. The View 550 is also equipped with iFit Workout Card Technologies so you can reach your goals in as small as 8 weeks. Each card automatically adjusts your speed and incline while the voice of a personal trainer coach

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**ATTENTION. –Ought to READ!– DO NOT Acquire! DO NOT Acquire! DO NOT Purchase!**, September 13, 2010
This review is from: Epic View 550 SD Trainer Treadmill 20″ x 60″ Treadbelt 3.25 CHP Motor iFit Workout Card Technologies (Misc.)

**ATTENTION. –Should READ!– DO NOT Buy! DO NOT Purchase! DO NOT Buy!**

In July ’10, I bought an EPIC View 550 Treadmill. Within three weeks the product demonstrated slipping and gripping issues with the tread. Followed instructions to fix discovered in manual- no success. I known as EPIC and was holding for over an hour!! It took an additional two weeks, three repair visits, 2 new parts (one was back-ordered…hhmmm?) and what felt like hundreds of individual calls to EPIC’s customer service department prior to I THOUGHT it was operational once more. Within 20 minutes of my workout, the very same dilemma of gripping and slipping began. Very Really UNSAFE when running at a excellent pace I might add. I known as EPIC once more, put in the service request and asked to have a supervisor call me. I’m thinking I have a lemon and I require reassurances. I was told the supervisor would call me the identical day, as well as the repair firm. IT TOOK A WEEK TO HEAR FROM A SUPERVISOR AND 4-five DAYS TO HEAR FROM THE REPAIR Organization. The supervisor refused to give full name for my records, citing security reasons.

BUYER BEWARE “CUSTOMER CARE” IS OF ZERO CONCERN TO EPIC AND ICON FITNESS. I don’t know if its laziness, unprofessionalism, or sear incompetency, but pray you don’t have to deal with these individuals.
It is September ’10, and I still have a ,400, 500 pound paper weight in the basement, STILL UNDER THE MANUFACTURE’S WARRANTY!!
If you unfortunately have to call, this number gets you to a representative faster.
1-888-825-2588. EPIC FAILURE!!!!!!

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I Really like IT, October 21, 2010
This review is from: Epic View 550 SD Trainer Treadmill 20″ x 60″ Treadbelt three.25 CHP Motor iFit Workout Card Technology (Misc.)

My family bought the EPIC 550 at costco. There are eight men and women here who use it (large family) and the younger children have played on it and abused it alot. but it works PERFECTLY! It even has a dent or two from moving it, and what not. Let me tell you a little about it… It has a built in fan that blows on two settings. Its definately sufficient to maintain you cool. There is a cord you hook to your tv so you can watch whilst you run. i never actually use this since i prefer music but it works well and other individuals at my house enjoy it. The speakers are nice and have quality sound. My favorite factor about this treadmill are the built in work out programs. There are 10+ some for walking, weightloss, and aerobics. You can alter the speed/incline although doing these programs without disturbing or stopping them if you uncover it too easy or tough. There is not one thing i dont get pleasure from about this factor! the only factor is if you’re limited on space it is pretty large. but it’s worth each penny!

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1.0 out of 5 stars
Returning Epic View 550 SD treadmill to Costco, November 16, 2010

This review is from: Epic View 550 SD Trainer Treadmill 20″ x 60″ Treadbelt three.25 CHP Motor iFit Workout Card Technologies (Misc.)

This was delivered back in the spring. Instantly one of the fans in no way worked. Took the repairman about 2 weeks to get to my house to fix it. Now the treadmill suddenly slows down and then speeds up on it’s own. I saw on the Costco website that others have had the very same factor happened. A lot of individuals have returned it to Costco and I will be 1 of them too.

Do not bother with this treadmill. Not worth cash at all.

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Epic View 550 Folding Treadmill Leading Deals
with 7″ Flat Screen TV & Mp3 Dock

three/11/2010. Treadmill is once more giving the volume dilemma, where the volume goes up all by itself. At this point I can’t recommend buying this unit. I have had 3 distinct console units, and now the tv doesn’t work either!
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