HCG Diet Review

HCG Diet Review

“I Used To Work Out Hard-Core..
Over 2 Hrs Per Day-6 Days Per Week..
And I couldn’t Lose 1 Friggin Pound…

Now… I Lose Up To 2lbs PER DAYWithout Exercise!

HCG diet review

I know that sound like a bunch of BS but, the “Magic Pill” is finally here.. I wrote this HCG diet review so that you can cancel your gym membership,  your aerobics classes and instead sit on your ass doing absolutely nothing and lose up to 2lbs per day! Finally get that six-pack you’ve been dreaming of and once-and-for-all fit into that bikini just in time for the summer!

Why I wrote this HCG Diet Review

I’m so excited about this new weight loss system that I can’t keep it to myself. In my more than 25 years training in exercise and fitness, I’ve used every weight loss system under the sun, however,  This is my HCG diet review — I’ve never come across a weight loss system as simple and effective as the HCG Diet.

My HCG Diet Review

I Lost 16lbs in only 8 days
and continue to lose weight everyday!

UPDATE: I’ve lost 45 Pounds so far as of today 7/26/10 its been less than 2 months!

HCG Diet review — The HCG protocol diet was first released to the public in 1959 by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons of Italy and has been proven to be a completely safe and effective method of weight loss.  HCG works by released the stubborn almost-impossible-to lose stored fat, resetting your hypothalamus gland and normalizing metabolism. No exercise is required on the HCG diet.

Download The Original “Pounds & Inches” by Dr. A.T. Simeons which covers the entire HCG diet and more below[mc id=”2773″ type=”file”]pounds-and-inches-by-dr-a-t-w-simeons[/mc]

A New HCG Formula — No Injections Needed

The original protocol involved users receiving daily injections of HCG. It’s no longer necessary to take injections in order to benefit from this diet. I wrote this HCG diet review because there is a new recipe that allows you to take the HCG in liquid form sublingual. Sublingual means you simply hold the liquid under your tounge for 15 minutes to be absorbed by your body and enter into your bloodstream. My HCG diet review has found that this option has been proven to be equally as (and in some tests more) effective as shots.

Buy HCG Online

hcg diet review

If after reading my HCG diet review you decide to purchase HCG be sure to avoid anything that is labeled “homeopathic” or “drops” or “liquid” because those are domestic formulas made with a low,  ineffective amount of HCG.

You can buy the real deal HCG from the same place my friends and I got ours. I’ve included their links below, as well as some links to other helpful HCG diet review information.

The links below will give you more than enough information to familiarize yourself with the system and make a decision. Also, I’d suggest doing your own research on this protocol. You’ll find hundreds and hundreds of positive reviews. You will also find many negative reviews BUT keep in mind they are from folks that have no experience with the protocol and are propagating incorrect information regarding this system.

I could go on and on about this system but
the bottom line is this

You have to order it and experience it for yourself. You owe it to yourself to give this method a try and see the results it will bring. For about the price of a 1 month gym membership you can lose in fat what it would take in 1 year or exercise and working out.  Its simple, effective and cheap. It really is a no-brainer. Give it a shot. You’ve got nothing to lose — except pound and inches. This has been my HCG diet review.

Wishing you all the best,

Jeremy Rice

How Long do you need to do the HCG diet for?

23 day diet
average weight loss 25lbs for men 15 lbs for women

43 day diet
average weight loss 45lbs for men 25 lbs for women


HCG Kits

We provide access to the absolute best quality HCG Kits for all your HCG Dieting needs:

HCG Diet Research HCG Diet Research

Download & read the positive results of a double-blind study from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. This study titled “Effect of human chorionic gonadotrophin on weight loss, hunger, and feeling of well-being” is objective and scientific proof of how the HCG Diet when done correctly can help you lose weight.

HCG Diet Recipes

Stay up to date with all the latest meals and recipes for the HCG Diet. We give you the 100% free access to HCG Diet Recipes that include beef, chicken, fish, eggs, and more!

HCG Diet Instructions

We have 4 top quality videos that will show you how to expertly mix your HCG for the 23 and 43 day HCG Diet Protocols. These HCG Diet Mixing Instructions should be all you need when using 2000 I.U. or 5000 I.U. dosages. For a guide to using ampules please see our ampule opening guide.

HCG Progress Report HCG Progress Report

Download a free custom
HCG Progress Report to keep track of all your weight loss while on the HCG Diet.

Ampule Opening

If you are new to the HCG Diet and are not familiar with the skill of opening ampules (without getting glass everywhere) then look no further. For instructions on how to open your glass ampule please check our Ampule Opening Guide.

HCG Pregnyl

We provide access to various brands and dosages of HCG Pregnyl from around the world. Each brand is of the highest quality and purity and will work effectively for your HCG Diet.

Sigma HCG

Hucog HCG


Ovidac HCG


Organon HCG – The Original!

High Purity HCG

Bacteriostatic Water for Injection

All HCG will work the same way. The only difference between the different brand names would be the manufacturing process and packaging styles (ampules/rubber stopped vials). Every person has his or her own preference as to what works best for them and we recommend you try the different brands and see what you prefer. The quality is exactly the same no matter which brand name you choose to order.

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