Horizon T101

Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill

  • Folding treadmill with 2.25 HP continuous duty motor for quiet operation
  • Speed up to 10 MPH, incline to 10 percent, 20 x 55-inch belt size
  • 9 programming possibilities with three targets (time, distance, calories) and 3 workouts (manual, intervals, weight loss)
  • Sonic Surround speakers with MP3 compatibility, pulse grip heart rate monitoring
  • 300-pound maximum user weight lifetime warranty on frame and motor, 1 year on parts and labor

Horizon treadmills are all about one thing – high quality. Quality suspension and deck systems to help protect your body greatest-in-class motors that maintain going powerful for years to come and meaningful, motivating programming to support you meet your goals. At Horizon, we carefully design each treadmill to give you the comfort, control and convenience you will need to succeed. Horizon treadmills use significant, heavy frames, generating them far more solid and stable than competitors’. The Horizon T101 offers a comfortabl

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So far, so excellent, January 18, 2010

This review is from: Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill (Sports)

After researching more than I planned to and more than I would have liked to, I finally came back to where I began at with the Horizon T101. They take place to sell it at a local (& tiny) sports store where I felt comfy with the salespeople who really wanted to aid me & with treadmills that had been really able to be utilised. (At the large chain stores I went to, no sales people were anywhere around and the safety keys had been all removed from the treadmills rendering them useless. Hence, I wasn’t precisely thrilled with the prospect of giving them my income.)

Anyway, I have read a lot in the past couple of days about you can’t get a quality treadmill for under X amount of income or by buying anything from X brand. Factor is, I definitely don’t have 00-00 to invest on a treadmill. I wasn’t even comfortable with the notion of spending 00. I wanted something between – MAX. And I didn’t want it to shake, I wanted it to have incline, and tell me how far I’d “traveled” and how many calories I’d burnt, and I wanted to be able to jog on it (five-6 MPH for me.) I thought these were fairly simple demands contemplating treadmills aren’t precisely new technologies. I do not even want it to support a large quantity of weight. Just me, at 150 lbs and hopefully soon weighing less.

So I lastly decided I would try the 1 I liked the most instead of attempting to uncover the one the treadmill reviewers liked the most. I did ultimately decide against Icon made products because I did not like the consoles as much and I feared the fancier electronic stuff meant less high quality in the locations where it matters most. I also read way too significantly about subpar high quality in the past (despite the fact that it has perhaps increased recently, shown by their imrpoved warranties) that I could not possibly purchase one with out fearing it’s impending doom. This brought me back to Horizon treadmills, which I liked the look of the most from the beginning. As a bonus and doable deciding factor, the nice people at Play it again Sports where the T101 is carried in my area assured me they are licensed to fix Horizon items. So if it breaks, I do not even have to call Horizon. I just go see them and they come fix it.

I bit the bullet and let them swipe my card. Opted out of having them deliver and assemble it. It would have been nice, but I didn’t want to invest any a lot more money if I didn’t have to. It is fairly heavy and it was tough to get it out of the vehicle and inside. Putting it together was much less complicated, although my boyfriend got aggravated a couple times simply because you have to hold parts just right for all the holes to line up (which all of ours did). Truly though all you do is attach the supporting bars and then fit the console in between the support beams on top. Right after assembly, I hopped on to begin burning calories asap. I jogged some at five.8 mph and 2% incline, I jogged much slower at a 5% incline, I walked quickly all the way up at a 10% incline, and I sped walk a lot around four mph at three% incline. I was at it for around 45 minutes and it felt very stable and good under my feet. I realize this is not at all showing if it’s durable however or not, but my initial impressions are that I am quite pleased and excited to get fit for bikini season. I am glad that I did not spend less and that I did not invest far more. I like the console and the overall appearance of this treadmill as well. It does not look or really feel low-cost or flimsy.

The only issue I’m having proper now is it is quite large and doesn’t fold up entirely vertically. I already knew this but it is still a small bit of a difficulty for me. It’s far more or much less in the middle of my living room correct now as there’s not truly anyplace else to put it without totally rearranging. My recent weight gain over a tough fall semester followed by the holidays nevertheless is more of an issue to me so I am willing to deal with an intruding treadmill. Also one may possibly wish to beware that after assembled it probably cannot move by means of doorways. It is 33″ in width and 40″ deep even though folded. Finally, the 2 wheels are useless. I have however to figure out how to tilt it back (towards me, when I’m holding onto the handles of the treadmill although folded) and get it onto the wheels. Thus, it is really hard to move around. Luckily my floor is tiled I don’t feel I COULD move it on carpet, specifically not thick carpet.

In essence, I would highly recommend this treadmill if you are searching for qualities similar to what I was looking for. A fairly fundamental, secure-feeling, folding treadmill with automatic incline that can simply support an average weight for walking and jogging. It has a lifetime frame and motor warranty which makes me really feel like it will be durable over the lengthy haul. Undoubtedly GO to the stores and test them out and see what you feel comfy on & won’t mind searching at in your residence. I would also attempt to find out if there are individuals who can service a Horizon treadmill near you, if that will…

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4.0 out of 5 stars
Fantastic Value, December 22, 2009
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This review is from: Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill (Sports)

I was quite pleased with my purchase. I had researched treadmills very a bit just before deciding on the Horizon T101. Most of my study stated that this was a very good value for the cost point and I would have to agree. The unit is sturdy, smooth and quiet. I weigh 230 lbs and the T101 didn’t have any problems. You will will need 2 people to move the box. Assembling it was straight forward, three fundamental actions took about an 45 minutes to an hour. Now let see how it does over the long haul. I’ll amend my review ought to any issues arise.

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Excellent value for the cash but…., March 25, 2010
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This review is from: Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill (Sports)

Soon after a long research we decided to purchase the Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill among others. At 1st I was a little concerned about Horizon customer service reviews nevertheless Amazon customer service reviews had been very good sufficient for me to obtain the item. I also tested the very same item at a local store. The shipping was lightning quick. It was in my living room the 3rd day(Yes the free shipping). The box was extremely heavy and not powerful sufficient for a heavy item like this. So it looked torn and damaged and loose. I was a small dissappointed to see a person else’s shipping label on the other side of the box. Than I thought ok this thing was sold to someone else, returned and possibly sold to me once more. Not to my surprise one of the carriage legs that aid move the treadmill around had been terribly bend. So I took it out of the box to see if anything else is broken and it didn’t look like it. I am a ASE certified auto mechanic so I am extremely handy with tools and have a lot of them. I removed the piece and discovered a way to straighten it up and installed it back. I completed the assembly, began machine and there was a terrible rubbing noise. I opened the top cover found a loose piece of magnetic sensor attached to the motor that is rubbing against the gear underneath it. Now the treadmill is running like a dream, very silent compare to the other people and strong sufficient. I would give it five stars if it folded totally vertical but it doesn’t. I called Amazon customer service to see if they can send me a new lower carriage. They had been incredibly nice and useful and supplied me 2 possibilities, either replacement of the whole unit or partial refund for the defective component. I chose the refund and they said they will do it proper now without having a hassle. The amount supplied is satisfactory and I am giving AMAZON CUSTOMER SERVICE 5 STARS. Thank you Amazon. I will continue to be a customer.
This item is not the most sophisticated treadmill in the marketplace but undoubtedly worth the income for the value. It will absolutely get the job accomplished. I will update my review in the future if ran into other problems.
Here is a couple of ideas about intallation:
1) Do not attempt to get the treadmill out of the box or remove the yellow band that wraps around it, Read the manual!. The carriage legs are under the pressure of the shock lift, you may well hurt yourself if you tilt the machine sideways. You have to cut the corners of the box for assembly. If you can uncover an individual to aid you, that would be great.
2) Start every bolt just before trying to assemble the arms and other pieces. Some holes have dirt or paint in them from the manufacturing method. It may well be challenging to start a bolt 1st time with one hand while attempting to hold the arm with the other. This will avoid cross threading the bolts and ruining the whole assembly method, if you really feel the screw is going in too tight don’t force it just go back and forward until it slowly clears the threads.
three) Do not tighten every screw (four screws on every single side that holds the arms) individually. Begin them all then tighten them all, this will give you sufficient slack to match all four holes and screws an every single side. (I saw reviews saying the screw holes doesn’t match.)
four) To lubricate underneath the belt you have to eliminate the back covers on both sides, behind the side rails and 1 screw underneath every side rail. Than the side rails slides back out. The manual asks you to lubricate the belt prior to very first use, the oil is in the box nevertheless mine was already lubricated. So I put every thing back together.
Update: 03/30/2010, Everything is working flawless but is began to squeek in every joint, I had to lubricate every metal joint or rubber to metal joint on the treadmill, its silent again.

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Special DISCOUNT LINK: amzn.to Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill Get a excellent workout in your property with the quiet and smooth continuous-duty Horizon T101 treadmill, which can reach speeds up to 10 miles per hour. Perfect for rigorous training routines, the T101 has a 2.25 hp (horsepower) incline motor with a to 10-percent grade and speed increments of .5 mph. It’s effortlessly storable, thanks to Horizon’s exclusive FeatherLIGHT lift, which incorporates two hydraulic shocks to assist you when raising and lowering the deck. They even hold the deck in place above 45 degrees, eliminating drops. Other features consist of PerfectFLEX deck cushioning, Sonic Surround speakers with MP3 compatibility, pulse grip heart rate monitoring, and a COOLfit workout fan. The pc console has 3 orange LED windows, LED brickyard, and target/workout LED indicators. You’ll be able to challenge yourself with nine programming options that incorporate three targets (time, distance, calories) and three workouts (manual, intervals, weight loss). Specifications * Motor: 2.25 HP * Speed range: to 10 MPH * Incline: to 10 percent * Belt size: 20 x 55 inches * Maximum user weight: 300 pounds * Warranty: Lifetime frame and motor, 1-year parts and labor AboutTreadmills Walking is still regarded as 1 of the most beneficial cardiovascular exercises for men and women of all ages, body kinds, and fitness levels. As a fundamental form of aerobic training, walking has several physical rewards for the heart, lungs, and

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