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Life Fitness T7- Treadmill

  • Club-style treadmill uniquely developed for the property environment ultra-quiet MagnaDrive Motor Program
  • 18 pre-programmed workouts, 7 My Workouts personalized programs, 7 custom workouts, four user profiles
  • FlexDeck Pick shock absorption system enables you to set the firmness to match various outdoor conditions
  • Polar wireless and Lifepulse digital contact heart rate monitoring system (wireless chest strap included)
  • 3. horsepower MagnaDrive motor program with 10-year warranty 400-pound maximum user weight

Striking style aesthetics combined with unmatched customization and personalization choices. The Life Fitness T70 Treadmill is as distinctive as you are. From the adjustable FlexDeck® Pick to programs that record and don’t forget your every move, the Life Fitness T70 Treadmill delivers a workout that is just what you want it to be. Designed to be the best treadmill for the residence.With striking style aesthetics combined with unmatched customization and personalization options, the Life Fitness T7-

List Cost: $ 4,699.00

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Continous Issues with the Activity Zone, November 4, 2010
This review is from: Life Fitness T7- Treadmill (Sports)

I bought this treadmill in December 2007 and I have had nothing but difficulties with the “activity zone” (the modest box with the controls for incline and speed located appropriate above your waistline) for the past year. The activity zone touch pad does not respond when I try to adjust the speed or incline. I’ll be appropriate in the middle of my run and the activity zone just freezes on me. I won’t be able to adjust the incline or speed and I’m forced to finish my run with whatever incline or speed I originally set. On countless occassions, I have tried restarting the treadmill in an attempt to reactivate the activity zone touch pad but it doesn’t work. There are times I can’t even workout at all since the speed button on the activity zone doesn’t respond at all even upon begin-up. There is no other way to adjust the speed on the treadmill other than by the activity zone touch pad which is a horrible design flaw. I have referred to as LifeFitness customer service department many times informing them of the continous difficulties I am having with the activity zone. They have sent me 2 distinct activity zone replacements but the replacements have not fixed the issue. I had a treadmill technician come out and he confirmed the troubles that I was having. The technician also said that the “new” activity zone replacement that LifeFitness sent me had “bad” wires in it. So, we had to request yet yet another activity zone replacement along with some new wires that connect the activity zone to the major console. The last repair price me about in labor(not under warranty) and lasted for a couple of months and now I’m back to having an unresponsive activity zone. I known as customer service Once more and they refused to cover any labor expenses associated with the ongoing problem. They agreed to send me yet One more activity zone replacement but refuse to acknowledge that the treadmill has a serious problem with the activity zone. I’m so dissappointed in this really high-priced treadmill. I thought I had to spend much more cash to get commercial grade quality but what I got was a “lemon” and a company that doesn’t stand by its merchandise or its customers. I just hope one more consumer doesn’t make the identical mistake I did.

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5.0 out of 5 stars
Durable, comfortable . . . simply awesome. . ., Could 26, 2009
Anthony Garrido (Diamond Springs, CA United States) – See all my reviews

This review is from: Life Fitness T7- Treadmill (Sports)

This isn’t a commercially rated treadmill, but it is really high end. I’ve trained for 3 marathons on this machine anywhere from 15 to 60 miles per week. My wife and I have put hundreds of miles on this machine and it still runs like new.

The electronics are cool, if you are just interested in some fitness running programs. You can program this machine for speed and incline and time. Essentially, you can record a routine and save it. Also, it has several built in routines that are fairly fascinating interval, climbing, fat loss, 5K, 10K, outdoor running simulation.

The rollers are commercial size, creating the overall mechanics of the machine really durable.

My only complaint is that the heart monitor that comes with it is one of those varieties where you can’t replace the battery. I bought a third party compatible one that takes a CR3230. It works fine.

It’s whisper quiet, and stays that way if you keep it clean.

Fantastic machine.

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2.0 out of 5 stars
Not living up to expectations, January 30, 2011
This review is from: Life Fitness T7- Treadmill (Sports)

I bought this instead of a landis 7. I’m regretting the choice. The console is the biggest problem with the unit. I can not get the heart rate hill workout to work. I enter a target heart rate and the lower heart rate target is always zero. I’ve tried calling the dealer, life fitness and it’s been a waste of time. The right after sales support is poor.

The treadmill aspect seems ok, it works, it’s a little noisy but I’m happy with it. The console software program is poor. Editing user profiles is challenging as they don’t even have a cursor showing which letter you are editing. They flash the existing letter, what’s a flashing space look like? Yep, a space. Not useful. With no logging or a way to export runs, I end up employing my garmin 305 to script runs and record them. The custom workouts are extremely poor, 20 segments all equal length, who does that? Most intervals consist of a segment and a rest period and you repeat those steps. That’s really tough to do on this unit.

It has a marathon mode that makes it possible for workouts longer than 99 minutes but unfortunately, it seems none of the workouts support it. For example, if you are doing a Random workout then all is well for the 1st 99 minutes but once it trips over to the second 99 then the random stops working and the slope stays fixed at . You can still change the level but it has no effect. I was expecting that a longer workout would mean the workout sort would continue to function. This severely limits the usefulness of marathon mode as fundamentally you’d will need to quit the program and restart it anyway so whats the point?

The console uses touch sensitive buttons. You can’t place an iPad of iPhone on the ledge on the console because it will keep pressing the touch sensitive buttons. This is genuinely annoying. You’d need a tv stand or something. Push buttons wouldn’t have this issue.

The activity buttons are useful. I set them to the speeds or grades I want to use with my garmin 305 scripted workout and then manually change the mill when my watch beeps. It’s ridiculous that the console can not script this type of factor automatically. But, there it is.

Distance accuracy wise, it appears very accurate right now. I utilised a measuring wheel to count of 1 mile and with 1. miles on the treadmill, I measured .997 miles on the wheel. Close sufficient. But, I do not see any way to calibrate it as soon as the belt stretches a small. Again, on a high end mill like this, I’d expect such a calibration feature.

I had it for three months now and given the poor following sales service from both the dealer and the company, I’m regretting my choice to obtain it but the console on the landis isn’t much much better from reading the manual. The mechanicals appears quite very good but the console is really disappointing. If you’re a severe runner then you’ll be let down by the console. Possibly their customer base is people who just want an costly treadmill and use it a couple of times a month but if you use it for serious running then if you can locate some thing with a comparable high quality deck and a far better console then you’ll be happier. The sad component is, who hard would it be to fix the console, I mean seriously!

I run about 30 miles a week.

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Unique DISCOUNT LINK: Life Fitness T7 Life Fitness T7- Treadmill With striking design aesthetics combined with unmatched customization and personalization alternatives, the Life Fitness T7- Treadmill will motivate you to accomplish your fitness goals in the comfort and convenience of your own house. This machine builds on the exceptional performance and durability of Life Fitness’ very best-selling wellness club equipment, but it’s uniquely designed for the property environment and incorporates a number of design and mechanical features that make it less difficult to establish and maintain a personal fitness program. Work out from the comfort and convenience of property on a treadmill that rivals anything discovered in the finest well being clubs. Feature Highlights * 18 workout programs * 4 user profiles * 7 My Workouts™ personalized programs * 7 custom workouts per profile * Deluxe LED console with back-lit TouchSensor™ buttons * FlexDeck® shock absorption program with adjustable firmness * HeartSync™ heart rate controlled workouts * Contact HRM and Polar® wireless HRM chest strap * GoSystem™ Quick Start with 3 speed and incline presets * 3. HP MagnaDrive™ motor program with 10-year warranty * Built-in reading rack and dual accessory trays
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