Lifespan Pro3

LifeSpan Fitness Pro3 Treadmill

  • Selected by Treadmill Doctor as a Finest Purchase
  • Features an oversized 22″ x 60″ running surface EKG pulse grips and chest strap included
  • Console is huge blue backlit LCD with program matrix and 3 LED windows for numerous readouts
  • Speed range of to 12 mph 15 levels of incline
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and motor, 2 year parts and 1 year labor
  • Treadmill Doctor “Finest Buy” Award for treadmill priced ,000-,400

PRO3 Functions: -The PRO3 non-folding treadmill makes no compromises when it comes to stability and performance. Built on a expert series frame, the PRO3 is constructed with larger tubing for increased rigidity and strength, and the base frame has a wider stance for maximum stability generating it appropriate for home and commerical use -Comfortable, Spacious Running Surface – The additional-significant, orthopedic running surface is 22” wide by 60” lengthy, and is 3.2mm (three/16”) thick. The coarse textur

List Price: $ 2,999.99

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Customer Reviews

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5.0 out of 5 stars
Fantastic value, nicely made, June 10, 2007
Jim (Buffalo, NY) – See all my reviews

This review is from: LifeSpan Fitness Pro3 Treadmill (Sports)

Right after looking both on-line and by way of local stores, I discovered this treadmill to be the only 1 in it’s cost range with a 22 inch wide (by 60 inches lengthy) running surface, not to mention the 3 HP motor. I was also happy with the lifetime warranty on the motor and deck.

The only cons to this treadmill are that it doesn’t fold up and it is really heavy. I have read, nevertheless, that treadmills that fold up tend to be much less stable than those that do not so this may possibly be an benefit. As far as the weight, this also adds to stability as soon as you have it in location.

The manufacturer did not consist of an instruction manual, which was a mistake, but I was able to locate it as nicely as their contact info online. Their customer service representative was both helpful and courteous.

The treadmill was fairly basic to assemble. It appears to be a nicely created machine and I am pleased with my purchase.

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five of five men and women found the following review useful:
5.0 out of 5 stars
Worth every penny!, October 6, 2010
This review is from: LifeSpan Fitness Pro3 Treadmill (Sports)

Me and my wife log 35-50 miles per week on our treadmill. We have a lot of room for the treadmill so we had been not in need of a folding treadmill. We are both runners and joggers and wanted to be sure that we got a treadmill that was going to maintain up with us. After researching online we went with the advice from Treadmill Physician and glad that we did with this treadmill. The 22″ wide running surface was 1 of the greatest reasons we bought this as we have the treadmill set up in front of the Tv and it is nice to be able to run and have the room “to roam” with out worrying about stepping on the sides of the treadmill. Also, I don’t know if this is a preference and up to each individual but both my wife and I have noticed that on longer runs we really feel much less joint pain. Our prior treadmill that we had for practically 7 years had a lot of cushion and on longer runs would really feel some knee and lower back pain, which we do not experience out on the road or to date on this treadmill. The treadmill is extremely quiet even at the greater speeds, it does go to 12 mph but we by no means go above 8 mph…but I guess it is there if you are doing interval training. The console is laid out quite clearly as nicely as it has a significant blue matrix that tracks your progress and then it has three red windows below that just tell you the essential info. I have my own chest strap that I wear with my Polar watch and the treadmill picks that up and I took the chest strap that comes with the treadmill. Believe you me the treadmill is Extremely heavy. Be positive to have helpers and or a hand truck! Surprisingly, though the treadmill is extremely simple to assemble. The handlebars and the console is already attached. You just have to lift them up and tighten the bolts. The only thing that you have to physically attach is the covers for the handlebar and the water bottle holders. It took us 20-30 minutes to assemble. I would strongly suggest this treadmill for any person looking to log some significant miles for years to come.

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5.0 out of 5 stars
Lives up to its reviews, November 12, 2010

This review is from: LifeSpan Fitness Pro3 Treadmill (Sports)

I bought this treadmill soon after reading the Treadmill Physician reviews and this was the winner in the Greatest Obtain category for treadmills 00-00. There was a couple of things that I was particularly looking for that this treadmill supplied. I have been running between 35-50 miles per week and typically will watch Television or listen to the iPod and I locate that when on the treadmill I drift, so I wanted a treadmill with the widest running surface, which this has at 22″ wide. Other than the warm up and cool down I am either performing interval training or running at speeds of 6.five – 7 mph. The handlebars are spread wide apart which is nice and you can make speed and incline adjustments from the handlebars swiftly with altering your stride. The console is straightforward to read and is broken up into 2 areas. The large window is blue and has the program profile and below that are seperate windows which show you specific readouts like time, distance and calories. Honestly, I don’t genuinely look at it significantly as I usually drape my towel over the console. It does come with a chest strap but I use my Polar strap and watch instead. The contact heart rate monitors are not accurate sufficient for me and whilst running it makes no sense to quit and hold onto the grips.

What surprised me the most about this treadmill is how little assembly was necessary. This treadmill is HEAVY, you will need extras to move this up or down stairs. Take the top of the box leading off and remove the packaging supplies and the handlebars and console are already attached. You have to rotate them in place and lock them in. The only assembly that you have to do is attaching the cupholders which for some odd reason was tricky on mine as 2 of the screws did not line up and some force was needed to get them to line up. The housing on the handlebars also requirements to be attached but that was fairly easy. Took us about 45 minutes from beginning to end.

I truly could not be happier with this treadmill. This replaced an old Pacemaster treadmill that I had for virtually 8 years but when it was time to get a new one they did not have some of the functions that I was looking for most notably the 22″ wide running surface. The warranty on the PRO3 covers the motor for life and has a five year parts. This actually is a Fantastic treadmill and if you are serious about logging alot of miles on a treadmill I would suggest searching at this treadmill.

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