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“A Leader in Treadmill Innovation”


The NordicTrack Treadmill is the top of the line brand of Icon Fitness. Icon prides themselves as being is the world’s largest treadmill manufacturer. They make other popular models like ProForm, Reebok, and Epic. The Icon manufacturing facilities in Logan, Utah, is a huge streamlined and an impressive operation. This is one of the few treadmill companies that manufactures their machines in the USA. This company has about 5,000 employees.

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NordicTrack Treadmills

There are considerable resources put into the construction, design and innovation of NordicTrack treadmills. In fact, they have a large area of their facilitydesigned to mechanically abuse their machines. Heavy weights are repeatedly dropped on the treadmill decks, and the motors are run at high speeds for hours upon hours to mimic hundreds of hours of personal use.

One of the major focuses of NordicTrack treadmills is innovation, and this is where they excel. They introduced whats called  iFit technology, Reflex and adjustable cushion decks, and treadmills with built-in flat screen TVs are several reasons why NordicTrack is so popular.

Built-in Flat Screen TV

NordicTrack offers three models with built-in flat screen TVs. Each designed to accommodate difference levels of exercising. Let’s face it, walking or running on a treadmill can get boring. As hard as you try, you’re always in the same place.

With these TV equipped models you can watch your favorite cable show or DVD, meanwhile the screen will provide feedback on your progress, including time, distance and calories burned. See the review on the NordicTrack Elite 7500.

iFIT Technology

A perfect example of their innovation is their iFIT technology and workout cards. Each card offers an 8-week program that covers 24 different workouts. There are four categories of workouts, along with three levels of intensity; beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Once you finish one workout, you move on to the next. Certified personal trainers design the workouts.

The iFIT card controls the speed, incline and duration of your treadmill workout. It includes audio coaching and motivation, in addition to helpful tips.

For example, your personal trainer will provide suggestions on proper breathing and posture. I find iFit to be an ingenious concept that helps achieve your fitness goals. (Note: Not all models are equipped with iFit.)

Adjustable Cushion and Reflex Deck

Another creative concept is the Adjustable Cushion Deck, found on models like the Viewpoint 3000. The idea behind an adjustable deck is that users will prefer different levels of impact absorption. For example, depending on your weight or whether you’re a walker or runner, you may desire more or less shock absorption. In addition, they have several models with the Reflex Deck. It is built out of poplar wood, which is the same wood used for snowboards. It absorbs impact like no other treadmill.

See review on NordicTrack Reflex SR treadmill.

Excellent Value

Because of the shear volume of sales, NordicTrack and their parent company, Icon Fitness, can offer some excellent value. You need to pick and choose because they change up their sales and discounts weekly. One of their current deals is the NordicTrack Elite 7500. Includes a digital TV, powerful 3.5 HP motor, 20″ x 60″ treadbelt, built-in fans, adjustable cushioned deck and premium sound system and 24 workout programs for $1,499 with shipping. Not bad.


The one area where NordicTrack falls short is on their warranties. Their parts and labor warranty is normally one year, although they have lifetime coverage on their motors. Considering the overall value, in most cases you are still ahead of the game if you get an extended warranty. (See Promotion Above)

I need to mention past problems with their customer service

Due to the shear volume of equipment NordicTrack sells, there have been problems getting through to their customer service. I met with Dan Jones, Director of customer service, and mentioned that issue. He agreed there has been a problem that is being addressed. They recently added more staff to answer phones, and are committing $2 million to improve the situation. Let’s assume that will have an impact, and their service will greatly improve.

One other concern is their suggested weight limits.  In my opinion, just about every manufacturer overrates the weight capacity of their machines, and that is also true with NordicTrack. Use common sense if you are over 300 lbs and considering buying a budget treadmill.  Often the decks are too thin to accommodate the weight, and the motors are not powerful enough.  Also, if you are planning on running or jogging, consider spending in excess of $1,200. You want a motor that does not strain at higher speeds, and you want a deck that can withstand the harder impact.

NordicTrack Treadmill – My Review

NordicTrack treadmills offer some of the best value in their price range. Their features and innovative technology are second to none. I would recommend caution when buying their machines in the sub $1,000 range. They are good values, but they have their limitations. They are primarily good for walking, and once again they tend to overstate the user weight limit.

There are some excellent values in the $1,000+ price range. In fact,  I was talking to a competitor and he couldn’t figure out how NordicTrack can sell their products at such low prices – it’s all about volume. I monitor their prices daily, so watch for my recommended “Bargain Buys.” These are models that are below their typical selling price. Sometimes there are killer deals. NordicTrack changes prices almost daily.

Consumer Magazine Review

A prominent consumer magazine gave the NordicTrack S3000 one of their highest ratings. They rated it a “Very Good” for quality, and an “Excellent” for exercise range. They also rated the C2250 a “Best Buy” for a budget, walking treadmill. It is replace with the NordicTrack T7 si.

On this popular customer review site there were a number of reviews on. They averaged 4-5 stars out of five.

Runner’s World

RW also gave a very favorable review to the S 3000. They said, “This machine is as sturdy as they come, receiving a perfect score from testers for the stability ranking.” They also liked the 20″ x 60″ treadbelt, which made it a comfortable running treadmill.

ConsumerGuide NordicTrack Review

ConsumerGuide rated the C2200 a “Best Buy”, which is replaced by the NordicTrack T7 si.

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