Precor 9.35

Precor 9.35 Premium Series Treadmill

  • Expert-top quality treadmill for the home with innovative style that adjusts belt speed to foot speed
  • Up to 12 MPH speed, 15 percent incline, -2 percent decline
  • 23 preset programs including 1- and 2-mile, 5k/10k courses, five heart rate, 2 custom, 1 manual, 1 walk, 1 weight loss
  • Handheld heart rate monitoring with compatibility for wireless monitors
  • Lifetime warranty on frame, 10 year on parts, 1 year on labor

Passionate about your daily run or walk? The Precor 9.35 treadmill combines Integrated Foot Plant Technologies (to support your natural stride) with the Ground Effects Impact Control Program (which cushions every heel strike) for a much more comfy workout. Four User IDs let you customize your workout by viewing extra metrics, age and weight, or choosing a goal. There’s a workout log and personal-finest tracker to maintain you motivated, and a SmartRate heart monitor to maintain you in your target zone.

List Price: $ 4,999.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars
A Legendary Consumer Treadmill, October 28, 2009
Jeff Kraus (Orlando, FL USA) – See all my reviews

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Here’s the fast summary: I adore this treadmill. It’s a phrase I never thought I’d utter in my life. But it is true. It’s powerful, super-sturdy, comfy, full-featured, high tech, and undoubtedly built to last.

That part was for the individuals with a lot to do, or perhaps a brief attention span. If you’ve got the time, here goes the full review with all the gory particulars.

I just moved into a new house about a week prior to receiving this treadmill. I had already set aside one bedroom as an workout room. I was excited about it, and so I went to the Precor internet site to see what I could see. On the web site they have a “Space Planner” that allows you to develop a blueprint-style layout of the room you plan on employing the equipment in. It’s extremely cool because it shows you the exact size of the machine in relation to the room. For me, it was a pretty scary revelation due to the fact the room isn’t all that large, but it worked out fine in the end.


Shipping is a big deal with an item of this size, so I’m going to talk about it even although it has no impact on my rating since it is not indicative of the item itself. The box containing the treadmill is shipped freight to your door in a box that is over 7 feet lengthy and could pretty easily contain at least two or three full grown men. It weighs in at nearly 350 pounds. It’s important to keep this in mind — if you strategy on keeping the treadmill in your garage, then you are in luck. The driver will load the crate into your garage for you and you’re all set.

I wasn’t so lucky. Very first, my garage is filled with still-packed boxes from the move, a motorcycle and a couple of kayaks that I haven’t found a place for however. There was no obtaining ANYTHING in there. And even if I could, the garage is in the opposite direction from the “exercise room”, so there was no point in putting it there. Well, I guess there’s some sort of legal reason, but the shipping guy would not bring the crate into the house. He set it down in front of my door and watched me whilst I opened it, carrying all of the tiny pieces into the house and finally dragging the huge bottom piece inside with extreme difficulty, all on my own. When I had finally gotten it all inside, he took his palette back and said goodbye.

So then I began the method of moving every thing into the bedroom. I had to do this on my own. Don’t. It was awful. Have an individual there to help you. It would not fit through the bedroom door, the largest piece (the whole bottom portion is already assembled from the factory) was over 6.five feet long, about three feet wide, and weighed nearly 300 pounds, which was not evenly distributed. The heavier end did have wheels on it, but these are only very good when you’re in an location wide enough to keep them on the ground.


Okay, so on to the installation. I received a sheet along with the treadmill that provided free expert installation for a limited time, by calling a toll-cost-free quantity. It said “Give Expires November 9, 2009”, so you may possibly or might not get one with yours, I can’t honestly say for positive. But apparently a Precor expert comes to your house to put the machine together. This can still be completed with out the coupon, but I guess they generally charge a fee to do so.

I decided not to take them up on their provide for two reasons: First, it didn’t look that bad. And second, I wanted to be able to include the setup in my review of the product.

The only tool you want to put the treadmill together is a phillips head screwdriver. Any other needed tools are already included in the box. In the instructions, they suggest having a second person to help out. I found this unnecessary, despite the fact that it undoubtedly would have been helpful in connecting the display. Even by myself, it didn’t take lengthy to set up. With the main belt housing in position, place the uprights 1 at a time and screw them on with the provided allen wrench. Place the arm rest/crossbar piece on top of the uprights, tighten with the allen wrench. Plug in the display, set on leading of the crossbar and tighten with the allen wrench. Screw the water bottle holders on with the screwdriver, and you are carried out. The directions are clear and thorough, and it would be pretty hard to mess up if you’re following them.


Okay, I admit I didn’t taste the treadmill.

This factor looks like a high end commercial grade treadmill. You’d expect to see it in a Genuinely nice gym. It has a beautiful brushed aluminum style with a firm, dark gray rubber on the arms and a big display console that shows a lot of info at as soon as.

The running deck is solid and is mounted on pieces that give in slightly on impact. It’s hardly noticeable to the eye, but noticeably less difficult on the joints. It feels an awful lot far better than whatever suspension program they…

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5.0 out of 5 stars
adore this treadmill, December 27, 2010
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This review is from: Precor 9.35 Premium Series Treadmill (Sports)

i adore this treadmill! it is sleek searching, and extremely silent. this is a pricey treadmill, but well worth it!

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Mike LeMere, owner of MGL Fitness, demonstrates this smart Precor treadmill. You enter the amount of calories you want to burn, and the treadmill responds with giving you the quantity of time and effort it will take to do that.
Video Rating: 5 / five

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