Reebok V 8.90 Treadmill

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Reebok V 8.90 Treadmill With Built-In Weight Loss Center
2.25 Continuous Duty HP TRX Motor
20 x 55 Running Treadbelt
iPod Compatible Music Port

The Reebok V 8.90 Treadmill is the perfect weight-loss treadmill

The Reebok V 8.90 treadmill comes with the popular iFit® Workout Card Tech, which can effectively help you make your fitness and fat loss goals in weeks! (the iFit® Workout Cards is sold separately) The Reebok V 8.90 treadmill also comes with a Compatible Music Port for your iPod®, a nice size 20″ x 55″ treadbelt which is good for running, 14 Quick™ Calorie-Burning Workout programs and the proprietary DMX Zone™ Cushioning which makes running easy on the body.

Reebok V 8.90 treadmill

The reebok V 8.90 treadmill is a good treadmill for runners and walkers alike. It is the perfect home treadmill for folks that want to keep track of their workouts and want a little variety in their programs. The reebok v 8.90 treadmill has plenty of programs to help you keep your workouts fresh and interesting while simultaneously helping you reach your goals with its tracking technology.  A world class choice is the Reebok V 8.90 Treadmill.

Features of the Reebok V 8.90 Treadmill:

  • DMX Zone™ Cushioning
  • 20″x 55″ Running Treadbelt
  • SpaceSaver® Design
  • Dual-Grip AccuRate™ Heart Rate Monitor
  • iFit® Workout Card Technology
  • Blue-Backlit LCD
  • Compatible Music Port for iPod®
  • Intermix Acoustics™ 2.0
  • 14 Quick™ Calorie-Burn Workouts

For the money and value I highly recommend the Reebok V 8.90 Treadmill

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