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"an excellent quality treadmill –
but you can find a better value
in other treadmills by Sole Fitness.."


There is no doubt that Sole builds some of the best treadmills in the $1,000 – $2,000 price range, I believe the Sole F83 is one of those mediocre models that is not the best value. The Sole F83 is definately high quality equipment that is durable and stable, yet their other models will give you more value for the price. The Sole F83 has the following feature

  • 3.0 HP Continuous Duty Motor
  • 20" x 58" Treadbelt
  • Sound System and MP3 Input Plug
  • 2.75" Rollers
  • 260 Unit Weight
  • Easy Assist Folding
  • Tri Color LED Display with Message Board
  • Wireless Heart Rate Control
  • Lifetime Motor, 5-Year Parts and 2-Year Labor Warranty


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The Sole F83 vs. the Sole F80

The price of the Sole F83, with shipping is $1,799. Not a bad deal, but there are alternatives. With the Sole F80 treadmill, you get many of the same features, including the 3.0 HP motor, 2.75" rollers, Easy Assist Folding, sound system, wireless heart rate control and the same complete warranty. The main difference is the treadbelt is 3" less and the display is a single color with scrolling information. The Sole F80 sells for $300 less ($1,499 with shipping).

The Sole F83 vs. the Sole F85 You can make a significant step up for an additional $200 with the Sole F85. For the extra money you get a commercial grade 3.5 HP motor and a 60" long treadbelt, which is better for running and sprinting.

My Review – Sole F83

The Sole F83 is a high quality machine, yet, with the other choices that I mention above, you can save considerable money and it is a slightly smaller treadmill, or your can spend a few dollars more and get a more powerful and longer treadmill. It's nice to have those types of options.

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*This Sole F83 Treadmill Review is based on not only testing the equipment, but also comments, testimonials, reviews and ratings of customers and third parties. We attempt to be as accurate as possible. Warranties, features and prices can change without notice.

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