Sole S77 Treadmill – Review Of The Sole S77 Treadmill

"Commercial Value at a Residential Price"


The Sole S77 treadmill is the non-folding version of the F85. This machine is built for the serious users. It includes the same quality components you'll find in the other models, but also includes a large 3.5 continuous duty HP motor, and an extra long 60" deck. Based on the same frame as the F85, you get a solid and stable feel, backed with an industry leading warranty at this price range. It also is a $100 less than the comparable folding model – the Sole F85.  

Note: As of 4/24/09 the Sole S77 was selling for $1,899, with shipping.
A good value for a light commercial grade treadmill.
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      As we mentioned with their other models, the 2 ¾" rollers are a big plus. They will extend the life of not only the rollers, but also the bearings and the belt. Usually this is the size rollers you would find on a $4,000+ treadmill. Probably the most impressive feature of the Sole treadmills are the warranty. You get a lifetime motor, five-years parts and two-year labor warranty. The two-year service coverage is generous, and it is nice knowing for the first two years any problems are not your problems.


Other S77 Treadmill Features Include…

Wireless Heart Rate Control – Use your heart rate to get the optimum workout. HRC is used by many professional atheletes.
Built-in Speakers
– These are not Bose quality, but it is nice having speakers directed right at you while exercise. You can plug in your MP3 or iPod player, and not have to mess with headphones as you are sweating bullets.
Heavy 250 lb. Unit Weight – The weight is equivalent to many commercial models. Gives a very stable and solid feel, however you do not want to move this treadmill. Get the inside delivery option or you will be sorry. LED Console and Display – Sole put in some thought into the design and layout of this console. It has six feedback windows, a progression chart and a scrolling board for clear instructions.

My Review – Sole S77 Treadmill If you our a runner you'll appreciate the extra long belt. Excellent for sprints and interval training. If you plan to do some serious training, the 3.5 continuous duty motor will provide that extra power you'll need. This size motor will never strain unless you are a sumo wrestler.

This is a treadmill built for serious runners at a very reasonable price. There are better treadmills, but plan to spend at least $3,000. If I were in the market for a treadmill, this is the model I would want.


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