Sole S73 Treadmill

“Excellent Quality for Under $2,000”


The Sole S73 treadmill is the non-folding counterpart to the Sole F83. Similar to the F83 treadmill, the S73 treadmill has the Custom Flex Deck, speed and incline arm rest controls, Heart Rate Control, Hand Pulse Grips, speakers and cooling fans. The S73 has an excellent reputation for a solid and stable feel. With the S73 you do not have the moving parts necessary to fold, therefore the stability will only be better. And best of all it is $100 less. In general, non-folding treadmills are cheaper due to less moving parts.

Note: As of 5/10/09 the Sole S73 treadmill was selling for $1,699 with shipping.

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The Sole marketing philosophy is to focused on value. They build treadmills with quality components, and yet sell at a reasonable price. For example, the Sole S73 is equipped with a 3.0 HP continuous duty motor, large 2 ¾” rollers, a user-friendly LED console/display, and one of the best low-impact decks on the market. The 2 ¾” rollers are a big plus.

They will extend the life of not only the rollers, but also the bearings, motor and the belt. Usually this is the size rollers you would find on a $4,000+ treadmill. Probably the most impressive feature of the Sole S73 is the warranty. You get lifetime coverage on the motor, deck and frame; 5 years on the electronics / belt / rollers and all other wear components; and 2 years labor.

Try to find another brand under $2,000 that offers a 2 year labor warranty. One more notable feature on the S73 is the 250 lb. weight. This will contribute to a very solid and stable feel. However, plan on getting the inside delivery option. You do not want to move this treadmill yourself.

Note: The 2008 models come with built-in speakers. You can plug in your MP3 or iPod player. The quality isn’t great, but the convenience of having speakers pointed right at you is a nice bonus.

My Review – Sole S73 Treadmill Review

Overall this is an impressive machine. For the price you get a great package of quality components, heart rate control and free shipping.

We feel that in the $1,000 – $2,000 price range, Sole offers some of the best value. In addition, this is a durable machine that has a very good service track record. You tend to lose more weight and get in better shape when your treadmills is running properly and not in need of repairs.

We also suggest you consider the Sole S77. For a couple hundred more you get a commercial quality 3.5″ HP motor, and a 60″ long running surface.

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*This Smooth S73 Treadmill Review is based on not only testing the equipment, but also comments, testimonials, reviews and ratings of customers and third parties. We attempt to be as accurate as possible. Warranties, features and prices can change without notice.

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